Thermal Management System


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ir. Nasruddin, M.Eng

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ir. Nandy Setiadi Djaya Putra

Dr. Ardiyansyah, ST., M.Eng.

Dr. Arnas Lubis, ST, MT.


Optimization of cabin cooling system design plays a central role in energy efficiency in electric buses. This is partly due to the need for air conditioning in the bus cabin is always constant and becomes the main burden for electrical energy sources when the bus does not move as well as in traffic jams.  

Research that continues to be developed for air conditioning in the cabin of electric buses includes optimizing the distribution of air flow in the cabin to the possibility of using alternative techniques for non-compressed steam AC systems.  

The cooling system is also required by the drive electric motor and inverter, electric motor, and battery. So, that the air conditioning system and cooling of the motor system will affect the overall energy efficiency.