Electric Motor and Propulsion System


Dr. Ir. Feri Yusivar, M.Eng

Principal Investigator

Dr. Abdul Halim, M.Eng.

Taufiq Alif Kurniawan, M.T., M.Sc.

Faiz Husnayain, S.T., M.Sc.


The electric motor and its inverter system are the heart of an electric vehicle. RCAVe is committed to developing the most efficient electric motor design and combined with the use of local components as much as possible in order to provide optimal reinforcement impact for the vehicle/automotive component industry in the country.  

The developed electric motors can be combined in series or parallel known as modular system electric motors. In this way, one type of electric motor can be used for several types of vehicles at once from small, medium to large.

The development of electric motors also includes BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) electric motors and AC/induction electric motors.